1,400 Algerian Fans Fly To Egypt For Semi Final Clash Against Nigeria

10 Algerian Planes, are set to fly fans of the Desert Warriors to Cairo, Egypt, for their semi final match against Nigeria on Sunday.

The North African Country’s hope of winning her first African Cup of Nations trophy in 29 years, will be boosted with another 600 fans, who will be flown on military planes, should they reach the finals on Friday.

According to the ministry of defence, six military planes will be used in conveying supporters to Cairo for the final, if the Desert Foxes, beat Nigeria in Sunday’s semi final.

For the semi-final, 10 Air Algeria planes will convey 1,400 fans.

If they beat Nigeria, Algeria will face either Senegal or Tunisia in the final.

According to a statement made available by AFP, the Algerian ministry of defence stated that the military high command in conjunction with the Prime Minister Nouredinne Bedoui made the decision to add the Six Military planes so that

600 Algerians supporters can cheer on and encourage the national team and motivate them to win this important continental trophy.

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