A caring husband turns himself into a ‘human chair’ for his heavily pregnant wife after people refused to give up their seats for her at a hospital in China


A caring husband in China has won the hearts of many after he turned himself into a human chair so that his heavily pregnant wife could sit on his back when she was waiting to see her doctor at a hospital.

A trending video released by police shows the mother-to-be with a bulging belly appearing tired and struggling to stand due to numbing legs outside a consultation room.

A number of people can be seen sitting in the waiting room but none gave up their seat for the woman.

Husband turns himself into a human chair so his pregnant wife can sit

After a while, her husband bends and gestures for her to lean against him. He then passed a water bottle to his wife to quench her thirst.

The video was posted onto Hegang police’s official account and it has been liked more than seven million times.

Husband turns himself into a human chair so his pregnant wife can sit

In a post accompanying the video, the police criticised the onlookers who were staring at their phones and wouldn’t give up their seats. They said that the clip should be titled “indifference”.

The police then prompted viewers to give Kudos to the ‘good husband’, and many followers did so.

One such comment on Douyin read: ‘A good man and good husband from China.’

Another person wrote on the app: ‘The husband can hold up skies. Kudos to him.’

A third viewer said: ‘I felt ashamed of myself while watching the man sitting down. I didn’t treat my wife so well when she was pregnant.’

Some people however pointed out that there were empty seats at the end of the corridor and argued that the woman could have rested there.

One note said: ‘There were many seats not far away if she had walked a few steps further.’

Watch the video below.


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