A man kills a giant snake inside his bedroom.

An Instagram user, beleanscocontoil,has taken to his Instagram profile to narrated how God saved him from a dangerous creature ,snake . According to the man, he was sleeping in his bed when he heard a sound inside the nylon bag he kept beside his bed.

He said at first he thought it was a cockroach but the sound started coming towards his bed ,which made him to pick up his torch light . He flashed the light round the room searching for what could be making the noise but didn’t find anything . As he was going out of his bedroom to urinate, he heard the noise again ,turned around to behold a giant snake .

Sharing the picture he wrote ,

It was exactly a year today when the mighty man in battle, the almighty Jehovah saved and delivered me from the evil clutches of the wicked one. Father I am humbled. Without you father there will be no me.

This is how it happened……. Family and friends pls help me praise the almighty God for saving me early hours of this morning from a dangerous creature. I was asleep in my room in the village when I heard a funny sound beside my bed from a sac bag I kept there. At first I thought it was a cockroach or eat even though I haven’t experienced it before. The sound started coming towards my bed. I stood up immediately pick up my touch light to search what it is that wanted to climb towards my bed that’s so loud. I torched light everywhere couldn’t find anything. I started hearing the sound towards my wardrobe again, I use torch light still couldn’t find a single thing. Now I became so tensed and afraid. Before I knew what was happening, mother nature called. As I was about to go and use the convenience. Something made me turned around or look back towards my window. Look and behold a head of a funny creature-snake., standing so tall. I ran out of my room with the speed of light. Calling out my mum and every of my people that’s in our big house that a big snake is in my room. My mum came running with a big cutlass with a torch light still she couldn’t find it. She started searching. She saw it again beside my bedside this time. By Jehovah’s help the snake was killed. What could have become of me today? That blessing traveled to her home time, slept and didn’t wake up? Who could have known it tell what killed me in my sleep? The God I served who’s name is Jehovah made a huge name for himself today. Friends and family help me praise and thank him for me.
No one can say how it got into my room, all the doors leading to our bid house is tight fitted bullet proof door, the whole floor is tilled, the windows all have net. Is only Jehovah that can tell.

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