A Nigerian Lady gets a ” NO” for answer after proposing to her boyfriend on the road .

In a shocking video a Nigerian man rejected a marriage proposal by his girlfriend,right in front of a large crowd . She decided to propose to her boyfriend on the street and the man gave her the greatest shock of her life .

People will always say ,there’s nothing wrong with proposing to a man but with what we see everyday happening, no lady should ever attempt to propose to any man except you want to be disgraced by the man .

These brothers do not understand how hard it is for a lady to summon courage to ask a man’s hand in marriage and then you get a “No” answer? It’s so embarrassing.

In the video , the lady is seen crying and begging the guy while he stood there like iroko tree watching a woman he once professed love, roll on the ground .

Another lady could be heard saying , “you don f*ck am finish,you no wan marry am abi?”

This is shocking and heartbreaking.

Watch the video .

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