A Nigerian medical student kills himself for failing his MBBS exams .


A young Nigerian undergraduate commits suicide by jumping into a river in Bayelsa State, known as Amasson River.

The young boy known as Timi Ebiweni , who was a 300 level medical student of the Niger Delta University committed suicide because he failed his MBBS exams.

It was further gathered that out of 169 students that wrote the exams, 50 failed.

According to report ,Timi started giving signs of ending his life on his whatsapp profile but no one took notice of it . He posted a picture of candle light as display picture then later changed it to a picture of candle with its light blown off

Timi pressing his phone

A friend of the deceased has come to share the whatsapp conversation between them before he took his life.

The deceased wrote “my father will say I’m useless”

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