“A teeth whitening procedure can never cost up to 1million Naira” A Nigerian man shades DJ Cuppy.


The billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy, shared a video of herself wailing after Arsenal lost to Chelsea in the European league final played in Baku Azerbaijan on wensday .

A fan of hers took screen shots of DJ Cuppy crying and drew attention to her teeth . The boy then advised her to go for teeth whitening as her teeth doesn’t look clean .

Pastor arrested for impregnating 20 women in his church .

See his tweet,

Dear DJ Cuppy,
I don’t mean to be rude, but teeth whitening procedure can never cost up to 1million Naira. I’m sure it’ll even cost lesser abroad. You are a multimillionaire and a figure, you need the white teeth and you can afford it. Don’t be stingy please. Thanks. Love you.

A Twitter user reminded him that the natural color of teeth is yellow.

Natural color of a healthy human teeth is light yellow. Mind yo business

A child found wandering on the street alone,carrying polyethene bag.

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