A young man vows not to date because of money. Read his reasons …


A young Nigerian man has vowed not to date because of money. He said a family crisis that happened a long time ago made him to change his mindset about dating because of money .

According to him , his father lost his job during the CBN Bank Consolidation and his mom took care of the family with her N40,000 salary .

On facebook he wrote ,

One of the reasons why I can never date for money is because of the CBN Bank Consolidation in 2005. My parents were both bankers. My dad had just moved from UBA to Savannah Bank with all the nice office perks, cars etc while my Mum was in charge of payroll at Hallmark Bank.

If someone had told me that both of them would lose their jobs within the same period, that we would lose all the finest material things, that my Mum would have to support the whole family with N40,000/month working at a fast food, I would have laughed hard at them. Every night, both of them would watch 10 o’clock news hoping to get news of any form of respite. I lost count of how many shares my Dad made me sign when he was still at UBA. All of them plummeted.

Life is not like the Weather Channel, it does not give you forecast. The Bank consolidation was so bad that i changed school 3 times within 6 years because of expensive school fees. This is why i love the NY subway. It has to be the most diverse platform in the whole earth. You can’t tell who is a rich man or not. New Yorkers don’t drive cars. All of you are huddled together, you overhear conversations and you learn a lot of things.

It was in these trains & recreational centers that i discovered that for most of them, money is not top 3 attributes they want in a partner. Why put your hope in a relatiosnhip when one second at the New York Stock Exchange can make a rich man turn a chruch rat? This is why when i see a lot of tweets here and i just go like “Hehehe…you dunno…eventuarry”. Some of our parents have gone through or are going through this tough phase and we never take a lesson or two. Hehehe…eventuarry.

P.S: My family and I are doing very fine now. Thanks for your thoughts. So to my fellow single KINGS, I don’t need to stress how a good woman is very important in our lives. We will find her, we will marry her and we will cherish her. Udo di

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