Amnesty International condemns proscription of shiites

Amnesty International has condemned the proscription of members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria(IMN).

The IMN group led by Ibrahim El-Zakzaky was declared a terrorist group last week . The declaration followed the fatal shooting of a police chief during a violent protest of Shi’ites on July 22 in Abuja .

In the statement released today, Amnesty International said the proscription was a deliberate attempt to cover up the massacre of over 350 shiites in Kaduna state in 2015 and a suppression of freedom of religion and association .

The proscription of IMN is a deliberate attempt to divert attention from crucial issues including; justice for the massacre of over 350 in Zaria in December 2015 as well many other IMN supporters killed by security agencies over the years,” Amnesty Nigeria spokesperson, Isa Sanusi, said in a statement.

Despite federal high court order of December 2016 Nigerian authorities have continued to keep Ibraheem El-Zakzaky in unlawful detention and his bail application perpetually delayed, despite repeated concerns over the deterioration of his health.

The fact that authorities have not indicated any attempt to investigate and ensure justice in all incidences involving IMN clearly shows a government resolve to deprive them of their fundamental human rights.

We insist that Nigerian authorities ensure justice in all cases involving all Nigerians, including IMN, the statement added.

Federal government has maintained the proscription did not violate the Constitution but only aimed at curbing the excesses of alleged violent elements amongst IMN members.

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