APC officials named in electoral fraud by PDP agent

A Local government collation officer for the Peoples Democratic Party at the February 23, Presidential election, named two agents of the APC who voted for others in the election.

The agents according to the collation officer are Isah Haliru and Ibrahim Muktar.

Mr Abdullahi, the collation officer, stated this while testifying during his cross examination, at the continuation of hearing of the PDP’s petition against the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to the witness, agents of Muhammadu Buhari of the APC, freely voted on behalf of other voters at the polling unit he supervised.

The PDP collation officer added that thugs were brought in by APC electoral officers to intimidate and harass other voters.
“We tried to stop the APC agents, security officers and myself, from voting for the voters. The APC ward councillor brought more than 10 people to harass me but I was saved by some elderly men in the village.”

The matter according to him was reported to security agents at the polling unit.

During the cross examination, he stated that agents of the APC were arrested but never prosecuted.

Mr Abdullahi stated that the nature of electoral fraud was so grievous that he refused signing his copy of the result sheet, form EC8C

This amongts other allegations are meant to cement PDP’s allegation that the February 23 Presidential election was marred by widespread irregularities, a constitutional basis for the nullification of electoral results.

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