Armed Robbers Attack Female Hostel At UI

On Friday morning, armed robbers invaded Awo Hall, a female hall of residence at the university of Ibadan and carted away valuables belonging to the students.

Some of the students sustained injuries from the attack.

While addressing journalists on the unfortunate incidence, Deputy Vice Chancellor(Administration), Kayode Adebowale stated that security has been beefed up to prevent any reoccurence of the incident.

Adebowale explained that when he arrived at the scene of the incidence with security officials, they discovered the armed robbers have fled and one of the security men keeping watch over the hostel was tied up by the armed robbers.

According to him, the perimetre fence will be raised higher than it is and more security personnel will be deployed to take care of the hall.

When we got the report around 1:30am, I went there with the UI chief security officer and some of the security staff, Adebowale said.

We met some of the students outside in panic and one of the security men tied and we had to loose him and we tried as much as possible to calm the tension.

However, only two students were injured, one wounded on the head and was taken to University Health Service, Jaja and had since been discharged.

The other one jumped and I think she had a dislocation not a fracture. We have been security conscious that was why we raised the perimeter fence around the hall.

It is one of our halls that are close to the boundary of the university and the Polytechnic of Ibadan; therefore, many things had been tampered with.

However, we will raise the perimeter fence further and then put wire marsh that would prevent anyone from coming in. We would also complete the perimeter fencing of the entire hall and increase the number of our security personnel manning the hall every night.

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