Big b**bs model, Pamela Odame claims she can go more 10 rounds and last up to 2 hours during s*x (video)

Ghanaian Model, Pamela Odame, in an interview she granted revealed she can go as many rounds as she wants during s*x, depending on who she is having the s*x with.

The Kenyan-born said if the s*x is sweet and her partner is someone she loves,then she can go more than 10rounds and last up to 2hours or even more.

She backed her claim by pointing out that it is normal with every woman and also added that women love s*x alot .

“If you are so sweet and I am into you and I am loving it we can go more than that. If I love you and I am enjoying it we can go more than 10 rounds. Such things are very normal for women. Women love s*x very much”, Pamela said.

Here is the video below;

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