Breaking with ‘norm’, this Nigerian couple held wedding without reception


Weddings are a big deal in Nigeria. Typical Nigerian weddings, irrespective of a couple’s financial status, are worth celebrating in grand style. It is not really surprising that Nigerian wedding planners and vendors are making a killing.

Over the weekend, in Lagos, newlyweds, Augustus and Vivian, did the unthinkable. They opted for a minimalist wedding that has got Nigerians talking on social media.

The couple, whose names were simply given as Augustus and Vivian, wedded at St. Dennis Catholic Church in Bariga on Saturday.

Kevin Ugwu, the priest who officiated their wedding, shared their unique wedding story on Facebook.

According to him, not only did the couple choose not to have a wedding reception, they also ensured that the entire ceremony was as brief as possible.

He wrote, “After exchanging their vows in the church, the couple distributed a package to everyone after Mass and they cut their cake at the exit door of the church and everyone took a piece and went home.

“There were no friends wearing Asoebi, there were no bridesmaids or men in suit, it was just the couple in their wedding outfits and their guests wearing whatever they wanted. After Mass, everyone went home before 1 p.m.”

Check out fun photos from this unique wedding below.


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