Breastfeeding mothers can also enjoy s*x,it doesn’t make the child sick — Experts

Two medical experts, Subedetu Nafiu, a Family Planning manager, and Olusola Malomo, a nutritionist, on Friday said breastfeeding mothers can also enjoy s*x while breastfeeding.

The experts spoke in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the just-concluded World Breastfeeding Week at the Ajeromi General Hospital in Ajegunle, Lagos.

The experts debunked the notion that sperm could contaminate breastmilk during s*x with breastfeeding mothers.

Mrs Nafiu, who is also a child welfare manager, said that there was no relationship between sperm and breastmilk and that people should stop spreading false information on whether the child would suck sperm from breastmilk.

This myth makes many women stay away from performing their marital rights because they are breastfeeding and might cause more harm to marriages.

There is no relationship between sperm and breastmilk flow, a mother is free to meet her husband while she breastfeeds.

Women should allow their husbands to sleep with them, it doesn’t make the child sick, she said.

Mrs Nafiu advised women on exclusive breastfeeding, saying, it is a safe method of family planning that can help space their children.

The kind of exclusive breastfeeding is the one that the mother did not mix any other thing with breastmilk for six months, such woman’s body biologically plans itself towards conception,she said.

To corroborate the information, Mr Malomo, also said that no child sucks sperm from mother’s breast and s*x doesn’t disrupt any natural nutrient in the breastmilk.

The way the body was made, physiologically, sperm and breastmilk cannot meet, let to say it can cause harm to the baby, so enjoy your s*x life while you breast feed,’ he said. (NAN)

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