Fake soldier and a thief who robbed corps member in lagos arrested .


The operatives of lagos state Rapid Response Squad have arrested a man who was pretending to be a soldier and a thief who stole a phone from a corps member .

The fake soldier was apprehended along mobolaji bank Anthony way near muritala Mohammed airport ,ikeja . The man identified as yusuf Quadri ,22, from ogun state was arrested during a stop and search by the rapid response Squad officers .

The suspect was driving on a restricted area along the airport road in his commercial tricycle popularly known as KekeNapep, when he was stopped by the police officers .Yusuf told the police officers he was a military man but a little investigation revealed yusuf was impersonating.

Yusuf who is just a primary school certificate holder ,confessed during questioning that he stole the military uniform he was wearing from a newly promoted officer.

 Yusuf standing infront of a police van .
Yusuf Quadri. Photo source; Instagram

In another news , Emeka ohiaeri , a robbery suspect had on wensday around 8pm snatched a mobile phone from a youth corps member who was caught in lagos traffic .

Unknown to him ,men of the RRS saw him stole the phone and trailed him to where he was standing with his friends before arresting him .

The phone was taken from him and handed over to the owner .

Emeka standing infront of the police van in handcuffs
Emeka Ohiaeri. Photo source ; Instagram
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