‘Feed your husband when he finish cheating ‘ Ghanaian life coach Says, Simi reacts


During a live Radio program, a Ghanaian woman told women to always feed their husbands whenever they are done cheating.

She advised women to always be submissive to their husbands no matter the character the man displays .

The lady said on Hitz Fm, that women should not take a husband’s cheating to heart but they should feed the man food and give him s*x instead.

According to her,

When your husband finish cheating and comes back home, as a good wife give him food and make love to him .

Well, her opinion stirred up controversy online with alot of people disagreeing with her ,some even said she is “mad ”

Nigeria singer,Simi has reacted to the lady’s point of view.

In Simi’s words, ‘her head is not correct for giving such advice’.

She wrote

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