Fulani rapist begged to be killed after his arrest in Ebonyi ― Police

A 20-year-old herder, Laulo Isa, from Nasarawa State raped a 56-year-old Mary Okereke till death in Ugwulangwu, Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State and has pleaded to the police to kill him for the atrocity he committed.

Isa, who confessed to the crime, during his parade at Ebonyi State Police headquarters in Abakaliki on Tuesday, told journalists that he acted on the influence of alcohol.

He said: “That night, I was drunk and I saw the woman on the road. When I approached her for sex, she resisted and started raining curses on me. Without delay, I pounced on her and she started struggling with me to free her.

“I was seriously drunk that night but I don’t know if I had sex with her but she was lying on the ground while I was on top of her but I think I only had carnal knowledge of her once before someone flashed torchlight on us and I ran away leaving my cap and slippers at the scene.

“I did not hit her with any object, while I was on her, a man flashed the light on me and I ran away forgetting my slippers and cap that implicated me.”

Isa also claimed that he wants to die, apologising that he’s ashamed of himself. “I have never done this type of thing before since God created me, I am pleading to everyone to forgive me for what I have done,” he added.

However, the commissioner of police Ebonyi State, CP Awosola Awotinde, assured Ebonyi people that the herder will face the consequences of his actions.

He further called on the people to remain calm, stressing that the police will ensure that the security of lives and properties of all are protected under his watch.

In his word: “On 28 December 2019, at about 8 p.m, one Laulo Isa, a Fulani Herdsmen attempted to rape a 54-year-old Mary Okereke at Umugboke Ugwulangwu road in Ohaozara LGA as she struggled to free herself but unfortunately during this struggle, and after the man had had carnal knowledge of her, she lost her life.

“Through the effort of my DPO in Ohaozara, and the assistant of the youths in the community, they began a search for the suspect who unfortunately left his cap and slippers in a bit to escape from the scene but luck ran out on him with the assistant of other two Fulani Herdsmen, they were able to identify him, through that cap and slippers and he was subsequently arrested. The woman body has been deposited at the hospital for autopsy.

The commissioner then calls on everyone to alert the police on sighting any form of danger within the state.
“If you see anything abnormal, you can always inform us through our telephone numbers provided,” he concluded.

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