I know my husband is a womanizer, I’m okay with it and it’s none of your business – Nigerian lady warns those reporting her husband to her


A Nigerian lady, who has accepted the fact that her husband,Jenkis Shande, can’t stick to one woman, has warned those reporting him to her to mind their businesses as no one is perfect.

The lady identified as La Joie Apera revealed that she is very much aware of her husband’s infidelity and that she is ok with it .

She wrote “Thanks to everyone who calls me to report my husband Jenkis Shande to me, I really apprecate you all but that have to stop, I’m not perfetct and I will never be perfect in this life. Likewise him and I know he is a womaniser which I’m okay with it because is none of your fucking business.

“I’m not interested in knowing if ladies, women or girls are following him or he is following them. Peace of mind is all I need now so keep all your opinion and thoughts to yourself.

“Note: All the girls contesting for FFF are beautiful and I’m not supporting anyone of them, so no need for you to dig out stories for me. See you all at the top”

I know my husband is a womanizer, I

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