I Love You Laurent But This Is Poor Decision- Arsenal Legend Ian Wright Slams Koscielny(video)

Arsenal’s captain, Koscielny has come under serious attacks for his decision not to travel with the team on their preseason tour in the United States of America.

One of those attacks came from Arsenal’s legend, Ian Wright who believes Koscielny is threatening to ruin his own legacy at the club.

The 33 year old defender was due to fly to the US with the rest of the squad, but the club announced on Thursday, that he wont be part of the travelling team.

Koscielny, whose contract runs til next year, is believed to have told the club he wanted to be released in order to sign for another club.

Arsenal is however adamant to let the defender leave and it is understood that the captain will be punished with a hefty fine.

It is also expected that he will be stripped off of the captaincy and made to train with kids at the academy after his decision to disrespect his employers.

Ian Wright, is shocked by Koscielny’s behaviour at a time Arsenal is expected to mount a major challenge for a top 4 finish in the EPL this coming season.

According to Wright,

He has given us unbelievable service, we’ve seen him play through pains and build a legacy and legendary status he deserves.

It’s the time in the season where everybody is meant to be together. We are in for a tough season, a transitional period, we need a lot of catching up.

For our captain to refuse to go on a pre-season tour after nine years of unbelievable service, to destroy your legacy a little by refusing to play for a club is something that is baffling me.

Why Laurent? Who are your advisers and what are they saying to you?

I am so disappointed in your decision to do this at this time, if your agent sees this, and I hope they do, shame on you, shame on you, for doing this to him and convincing him. No way you can tell me he will come up with this on his own.

You’re the one we chose as our captain, our leader, and now we’re going into pre-season with our captain refusing to go on the tour.

This is something I cannot get my head around and I pray to God it can be resolved sooner rather than later.

It doesn’t set a good example, Arsenal need to do something quick and discipline (him).

I love you Laurent but this is a poor decision.


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