“I’m Not Buhari’s Rubber Stamp, We Will Challenge Buhari’s Government” -Senate President, Lawan

Mohammed Isa, a media aide to the Senate President, has quoted him as saying that “he will not be a rubber stamp to the executive.”

He quoted the Senate President, Lawan as saying this, when he received women paliamentarians, a group led by former senator representing Anambra North, Joy Emordi.

Lawan stated that it is “laughable” been referred to as “rubber stamp.”

Declaring that the senate under him will challenge the government of Muhammadu Buhari, “but in a decent manner.”

“There is no time that I will ever be a rubber stamp,” he said.

Yes, I believe in President Buhari as a person and I believe in my party, the APC, but I believe that our problems as Nigerians are Nigerian problems.

They are neither APC nor PDP problems, they are Nigerian problems that require Nigerian solution. So, we have to work together.

We will be there for the executive arm of government all the time in moving this country forward. We are going to challenge the executive in a manner that is decent but decisive. As a minister, you have to do your ministerial job well.

We will make government appointees to do what is required of them. We have to deal with the issues confronting us.

It is not going to be easy, but we have to build a relationship that have mutual respect, collaboration and partnership. It is achievable.

The senate President through his aide, encourage women to be more involve in politics, stating that, “the political space in the country is wide enough to accomodate our women.”

Senator Emordi on her part urged the senate president to work for the good of the country.

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