It is wrong for married Igbo women to fart and drink beer in the presence of their husbands (Video)

A video shared by a lady who goes by the name Lisar Kanu is currently causing uproar on social media .

In the video, Lisar listed some Taboos for every married Igbo woman.

She said that it is a taboo for a married Igbo woman to fart in front of her husband or to his hearing, that it is only the husband that is allowed to fart infront of her .

She said when a husband farts his igbo wife is expected to stand where ever she is and start hailing him with different Igbo names .

She also said that it is wrong for a married Igbo woman to drink beer infront of her husband or argue with her husband’s friends in the presence of her husband.

Well some Nigerians disagreed with her while others are in support of her opinion.

Some Igbo women informed her that their husbands like them farting in front of them.

Some men also informed her that they like their wives taking beer with them.

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