Man plans fake marriage proposal to disgrace girlfriend(video )


A video of a man who faked marriage proposal to disgrace girlfriend has surfaced online.

According to report, the man was mad at his girlfriend for gossiping with his name.

He said his girlfriend told her friends that he gave her oral sex while she was menstruating.

In the video trending online, the man is seen kneeling down with his hand in his pocket, pretending to bring out a ring.

“She deserves it…” he said as he reached into his pocket.

But instead of bringing out a ring, he gave the girl a f**k you sign and said,

“Ladies, will you go and f**k yourself. F**k you,”

The woman’s friends shouted in shock and asked the man why he would do that.

The man replied: “That’s what you get for telling your homegirls I ate you out on your period.”

Watch the hilarious video below;

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