Maraji is partly right, the only way to God is through Yeshua and not Jesus – Reno Omokri


Instagram influencer, Maraji, yesterday August 12, made a post stating that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

She was criticised harshly by Nigerians who believed she was being unfair to other religions especially Muslims celebrating their Eid Mubarak.

Reacting to the post which Maraji shared on Instagram page, Reno Omokri said she was right partially.

He said Yeshua is the only way to God and not Jesus, popularly known in the Christian faith.

Reno explained that the son of God who came down to die for christians was originally named Yeshua and not Jesus.

He said the name Jesus originated from Europeans who had occult agenda.

Read Reno’s post on Instagram:

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