“Men Should Be Placed On Birth Control, Not Women” – Tonto Dikeh

Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, in an Instagram post stated that the right gender to be placed on birth control is the men and not women .

The mother of one said this is because one man can impregnate 9 women every day for 9 months but one woman can only get pregnant once within 9months, even if she beds 9men everyday within 9months .

She said: “One man can impregnate 9 women everyday for 9 months. Those are 2,430 pregnancies. One woman can only get pregnant once within 9 months, even if she beds 9 men everyday within 9 months. That’s only 1 pregnancy. So clearly, society is placing the birth control responsibilities on the wrong gender. Science is busy making pills, and hormone altering devices for the wrong person. The culprit is known, and on the loose.”

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