Moment concertgoers were flogged at the NativeLand concert in Lagos where the stage also collapsed (video)

#Nativeland19 is the number one trending topic amongst Nigerians on Twitter after concert-goers left disgruntled and some ended up in the hospital.

Nigerians who attended Native Land concert at Muri Okunola Park in VI have taken to Twitter to complain about all the things that went wrong.

Concertgoers were flogged by security personnel, the stage collapsed, there was a stampede, and people were injured. Some allegedly ended up in the hospital.

A number of people lost their personal belongings. One Twitter user shocked people when she revealed she lost the wig on her head.

Some Twitter users complained that the gates were locked and those inside who had curfew couldn’t leave to go home.

Twitter users have slammed the organizers of the show for having such a great lineup of stars without planning properly.

Below is a video showing the moment concertgoers were flogged and also reactions from Twitter users.


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