“I am not a criminal, I have two wives and four kids “…Naira Marley .

The popular Nigerian musician, Naira Marley ,arrested for his alleged involvement in cyber crime has stated he has two wives and four kids who are all Bristish citizens.

In his statement which was obtained by Punchng.com , Naira Marley insisted he is not a criminal and does not have any idea what Economic and Financial Crimes Commssion found on his laptop .

In his statement Naira Marley identified himself as a Swedish Yoruba man.

He wrote,

“My name is Azeez Fashola.

“I am married to two wives and I have four kids. They are all British citizens staying in the United Kingdom.

“I studied in the United Kingdom, started studying at Porlock Hall, then I moved to Walworth School where I received my GCSE.

My results for my GCSE are English (C), Maths (B) and Science (C).

I left Walworth School with my qualification and went further to study at Peckham Academy, where I got distinction in Business.

Then, I went further to study at Crossways College where I finished my Business Law; but I had kids at that time, so I took a break and started making music till date.”

He added

“I started making music in 2014 individually (sic), but now I’m signed to Marathon, a United Kingdom-based record label.

“I had a deal with Coca-Cola for my song, Issa Goal, in which I featured Olamide and Lil Kesh.

I also had deals with Nike to participate in the Nigerian sportswear (sic).

“I’m in possession of a MacBook laptop, which I borrowed from a friend named Yad Isril in England, because while returning to Nigeria, I knew I was going to need a laptop to upload my music videos on YouTube and also to keep my exclusive songs.”

I’m in possession of the laptop but I have no idea what is on it apart from my music videos.”

The young artist claimed the laptop had no password and could be accessed by anyone, adding that he met Isril in a secondary school in England.

He said Isril, a British citizen, owns the butcher’s and an electronics shop in England but his family is from Iraq.

“I don’t have a personal laptop at the moment because I don’t need it.

“My management team handles everything I need to do on the laptop. I only use my iPhone X for everything I do,” he said.

Naira Marley was arrested on May 10,2019 along with Omoniyi Temidayo,and three others for alleged internet fraud and 11 charges filed against him by EFCC.

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