Nigeria: A country with lots of potentials and zero success

In 1914, the northern and southern protectorate was amalgamated to form a potential republic.

Fast forward 46 years on, Nigeria was officially given birth to and gained her complete independent from Great Britain.

Blessed with abundant natural resources, productive lands and a capable labour force, many analysts had predicted that Nigeria was not only going to be the “giant of Africa” but will also be a major and notable world player.

Economists predicted the birth of what was supposed to go on to be one of the greatest economy and so on.

59 years after the October 1st, 1960 declaration of indepedence, Nigeria has not only failed to live up to to expectations and the hype that surrounded the fight for freedom, they’ve even failed at trying.

Why has Nigeria failed?

Over the years, it’s been observed that Nigeria had suffered repeatedly from same problems. It is easy to quickly fix the blame of an almost failed country on corrupt and bad leadership( although it’s the major problem), but the problem goes well beyond that.

Below is a quick list of Nigeria’s biggest challenges that needs serious and immediate attention/change for the survival of this nation with massive potentials;
1). Bad and corrupt leadership
2). Ethnic and Religious Bigotry
3). Lack of an uprising from the masses(populace)
4). Inability to uphold the laws governing the country
5). Fear

It’s important that Nigerians especially the youths rise up and challenge the status quo. A lot of people have tried in the past to pull Nigeria out of this mess through various means such as whistleblowing, peaceful protests and revolution but the military might of the Federal Government has always prevailed and that has sent shivers down the spine of other Nigerians who are scared of losing their lives, loved ones and hard earned properties.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti who’s arguably Nigeria’s greatest musician and pan-Africanist once said “my people are too scared. We’re scared of things we don’t see, we’re scared of the air around, we’re scared of fighting for freedom, justice, liberty and good governance for one reason or the other.”

As we close in on yet another independence celebration, let’s remember that only Nigerians can save Nigeria from Nigerians. Let us join hands together and rub minds together to demand or better still fight for our right and the betterment of this great country, Nigeria.

Happy 59th Independence celebration in advance

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