Nigerian lady who said she was raped after she traveled to Ghana to learn forex from a classmate, allegedly went to learn yahoo-yahoo (read chats)


Yesterday a Facebook user, Clement Vanessa Ogechi, narrated how she was held hostage , beaten and raped by her childhood friend, Emusi Clinton a.k.a Successful OG, who she visited in Ghana.

In her post which went viral online yesterday, she claimed she visited Clinton to learn Forex trade from him .

However, on getting to Ghana she discovered that Clinton was into online fraud and runs a house where young boys are made to work from morning till night on their laptops with the aim of defrauding innocent people online.

Well, it appears Ogechi is being economical with the truth because chats shared online by Clinton’s camp revealed that she knew he was into ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ and that she travelled to Ghana to learn ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ from him.

A friend of Clinton who exposed the chats between the duo on Facebook wrote ;
This was how it all happened and not the other way round. This video will explain more to you. I will send screenshot as soon as I can…..and now the guys account has been reported and blocked, but that will not stop the truth from coming out ….. clear conscience fears no accusation.”

The video was taken down by Facebook before Tinashotspot could get it but see chats LIB got.

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