Nigerian man narrates how policemen almost pinned a murder on his driver in Ondo state.


The Facebook user, Precious Chinonso Ashiegbu, narrated his ordeal in the hands of some policemen in Ondo state.

Below is what he shared;

It was a Horror movie to Ondo State, Nigeria.

On a beautiful morning, I embark on a journey to Ondo state of Nigeria, were I narrowly escaped the trap of death & hostage.
Our driver accidentally crushed a man young on the road & the police got us arrested for 10hours. The community guys jumped inside the police station to burn down our bus,perhaps to kill the driver. But funny thing happened that a witness came & stopped the community guys from taking the action. He explained to them, saying “that is was the police men that pushed the young man in front of our bus that crushed him to death.

Investigation took place immediately, while the community guys took us over from the police & kept us on hostage for 12hours, blocked the gate & put fire on the main road, so no one could escape.

All of a sudden it was found out that it was true that the young man was planning to get married the following weekend, while he running around for his wedding plans, the police stopped him & collected his papers requesting for him to give them some money, which he strongly refused & as we were approaching the police check point ,they pushed the young man in front of our bus & the driver couldn’t control himself & crushed the man to death.

The game turned that the community guys requested they release us immediately, while they hijacked the police DPO on there head as they start burning down the police station.

And this was how we escaped Ondo state death case.

My eyes were filled with terror, how the police could commit such a crime & put the blame on us for murder.. God have mercy.
with a step of risk & stories.
Thank God we were all saved & no one was harmed.

Be good, for no one knows what happens few hours from now.. Your life is more precious.

The story behind the glory. Thank you Lord. #BeMotivated #BeStrong #Conquer

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