Nigerian Nurse releases the faces of HIV patients at the hospital she works

A Nigerian Nurse, Lilian Ejimbe is currently under attack after she released the faces of HIV patients who came to seek medical care at her place of work in Rivers state .

Lilian who operates two Facebook accounts says she is a “nurse anesthetists at St.Nicholas Anglican Church” in one account and a “staff nurse at Gregory ‘s Hospital” in the other account .

The lady took to her Facebook profile to expose a photo of HIV patients waiting to receive their anti-retrovial drugs and advised her friends to be careful who they have s*x with .

She said HIV patients are most times healthy and it’s very easy for unsuspecting people to sleep with them without protection .

The post got her alot of attacks as many people called her out for exposing their identities . The post was later reported and Facebook took it down.

Lilian made another post with a f**k you sign .

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