No Snake appeared at the Ondo Assembly complex, lawmakers lied – fresh report says

Members of Ondo State House of Assembly lied that a big snake appeared at the chamber of the parliament during their plenary last week, according to SaharaReporters.

Facts which surfaced over the weekend said no snake appeared at the Assembly complex, rather lawmakers made up the story just to draw attention to the dilapidated building .

Last week Wednesday, there were reports that a big snake fell from the ceiling of the building while lawmakers were about to commence legislative business, forcing them to adjourn sitting indefinitely.

Lawmakers through their aides even circulated pictures of a big python climbing down the ceiling to boost their fiction .

But investigation carried out by SaharaReporters proved the picture to be fake .

It was gathered that the lawmakers during a caucus meeting with some selected members of the parliament cooked up the lies and sold it to other lawmakers, who quickly bought it during their meeting .

According to report, the lawmakers told such lies to draw the attention of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to the old and worn out Assembly complex .

One of the lawmakers who spoke to SR said :

The main truth is that no big snake appeared from the ceiling at the chamber of the Assembly. It is just a cooked up story that we all planted for you journalists and interestingly the media fell for it.

But why I am surprised is that we did not expect that the story could go viral immediately. We only called some selected reporters who are good friends of the Assembly to report this for us.

And the main issue is that the Assembly complex is becoming an eyesore with many of the structures already dilapidated and ceilings caved in. The structure is becoming embarrassing to us.

Even at our plenary, we have called the attention of the governor to the decaying structure which is not befitting but no convincing reply has been sent to us.

We have been asking for autonomy over our finance. If we have our own autonomy, we would have carried out the repair and renovations at the Assembly ourselves.

So, some of us met and concluded that we have to find a way to get out of this mess. It is a mess because we cannot continue to sit inside that dilapidated chamber and offices as lawmakers.

When we met, some ideas were suggested but we all agreed to the particular lie about the snakes which we feel would attract the attention of the public.

We agreed with the Speaker that in order to get the attention of Mr. governor, we would call the press that a big snake appeared during our plenary as a result of the decaying structures and ceiling.

On Saturday the governor visited the Assembly and expressed disappointment with the lies told by lawmakers.

He said his, “government would not condone any act of blackmail”.

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