“Once a man has been identified legally with two punani, he ceases to answer “my” he becomes “our” for example “our husband” … A Facebook user .


According to a lady on Facebook , a woman marrying a man who is still married to his first wife can not use the word “my husband ” to refer to the man but the word “our” . Once a man is married to more than one wife he becomes husband for all and not husband for one.

She said ;

You can not call a man who has a wife or wives before you married him ,my husband No ! It’s wrong to call a polygamous man ,”my husband ” . The proper way to address a polygamous man is “our Husband” and once a man has counted two ,he can also count 3 so always bear it in your mind .

She further stated that women who marry men who are already married do so because of lack of husband or because of financial gains ,as no woman prays to be second wife from onset.

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