One Captain, Four Other Soldiers Killed In A Fresh Attack At Army Base In Borno


The Army spokesman, Col. Ado Isa has reported and confirmed a fresh attack at an Army Base in Borno on Wednesday by the Boko Haram Sect, which led to a huge lost for the 212 Battalion Base at Borno State.

The attack by the terrorists occurred at exactly 6:45pm on Wednesday which led to the death of a captain and four other soldiers.

Tinashotspot gathered that the Boko haram’s group in seven trucks were on a mission to invade and loot the army military base, in order to acquire more weapons for their operations.

The sects fought fiercely to invade the military base but were repelled by a well prepared soldiers which resulted to a very serious war between the sect and the Nigerian troops

Although the military base in Borno lost 5 gallant solders, they succeeded in disarming the terrorists which led to their(the sects) withdrawal, abandoning their trucks and some damaged utilities.

Some of the recovered items from the terrorists were: two Ak-47 riffles, two rocket propelled grenade, anti-craft gun, 15 machine guns and 12 Ak-47 NATO rounds.

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Meanwhile, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Bruatai has commiserated with the families of the dead gallant officers.

He assured that the army will never relent in fighting terrorism.

He praised the troops on their effort in making sure that the terrorists did not make it into the base and on same note, reminded them softly on the importance of being very faithful and committed in their duties in protecting Nigeria and her citizens.

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