Outraged tenant reveals his landlord is evicting him from his upstairs flat so he can use the whole house for his 50th birthday party


A social media user,Steffy, from London, has caused outrage on Twitter after he revealed that his landlord was evicting him from his rented apartmemt because he wanted to use the whole house to host his 50th birthday party.

Steffy took to his Twitter page to share email from his landlord which said he wanted to host 50th birthday in house.

In the email, the landlord suggested that because the tenants felt uncomfortable with him using the communal areas in their flat for the party, he had ‘very little option’ but to provide notice to him.

His landlord’s email reads: ‘I have finally made the decision about the party, as it’s such a huge milestone in my life I will be having the event at my home.’

‘Although technically you have room tenancy agreements meaning you guys are really responsible for your individual bedrooms, I don’t want to commission the use of the upstairs communal areas especially since you guys have said you aren’t comfortable with this.’

‘It leaves me with little option but to provide you with the necessary 2 month notice to vacate the premises.’

Steffy and his flatmates shared the house, which had been split into two flats, with his landlord.

He lives in the upstairs flat, while their landlord lives in the downstairs flat – but the landlord said he would be needing the entire property for his party.

Well, Steffy’s revelation has shocked social media users with many suggesting he sabotage the flat before moving out.

One commented: ‘What kind of loser is he to care that much about his birthday party?’

Another wrote: ‘That’s f***** up – I hope his party was s***.’

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