Photos of a househelp brutalized by her guardians in Anambra

Photos of a little girl brutalised by a couple she works for as a maid in their home in Nnewi ,Anambra state have surfaced online .

A Facebook user, Kelvin Ugochi who posted the photos of the little girl online, said he saw her at a fuel station in Nnewi yesterday August 25th looking terrified.

Kelvin said he took the girl home only to be told by her guardians that she deserves more beating.

He wrote,


I met this little girl today at a fuelling station in nnewi with bruises all over her body,scars from torture melted on this girl by the couple she is staying with.

The poor girl with tears in her eyes narrated the ordeal she is passing through in the hands of her guardian as she was scared of going home as more punishment await her. I have to take her home and approach the couple who felt no remorse as they insist that the girl deserved more

I reached out to the police who are reluctant on following the case up,please share and repost cos her helper might be in your contact list,let’s contribute our quota to humanity

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