Popular Nigerian Poet calls out ex husband for threatening to leak her nude pictures (Photos)

The Popular poet, Sheefarh Zarma, to her Instagram page to share all that transpired between her and ex-husband, Ibrahim Abubakar.

She shared screenshots of her conversation with her ex,where the ex-husband threatened to release nudes she sent to him when the going was good .

She wrote;

❗️❗️PLEASE READ! REGARDING THE RUMORS BEEN SPREAD ABOUT❗️❗️ Hello everyone,my name is Sheefah Zarma,and this is my story,i hate to share it to the world but it’s an issue of urgency,and issue of truth and lies,the person you see here is a picture of my Ex-Husband,we got married last year,on the 7th of july 2018 at sultan bello mosque;kaduna.he base in United States,but i base here in nigeria,he has a pakistani wife with four kids. Ibrahim Abubakar Lajada is what people mostly know him as,ibrahim is simply a fraud,a criminal,a man who victimizes women,he oppresses mentally,abuses psychologically but never physically,he has never raised his hands to me,but he has caused me pain and depressed me more than any physical pain would.
Before we got married,Ibrahim told me his accounts were frozen and under investigation because he fronts for some well known politicians ( names i rather not share) and because i loved him for the sake of Allah,i did everything financially from the expenditures incurred during our nikah till the days he left for US.l kept it between us,I gave him my money in cash behind close doors,amount only he and i know of ,i sold my jewelries to also provide to his needs and allow him settle some of his debtors,i always gave him cash because he said his accounts were frozen,little did i know it was a part of his fraudulent ways,to avoid having a bank evidence at the end of the day.

After getting married with ibrahim for a month,he left for the United States on the 8th of August 2018,since then issues started coming from from no where,people he owes started coming at me,threatening me they will arrest me for his crime,since i am his wife,and he happens to be evasive,people with different amounts from different places,however there is a mistress of his,called “Kehinde Agboola” known as “kennie”
kenny at that moment devastated my life,she sent me messages innumerably, they travelled together abroad,he will bring her to my matrimonal home when i was away and sleep on my bed, using my own things,when i was ill and away at my parents house in kaduna.he kept her in the same hotel he kept me during our wedding,only to realize when he leaves my room….

❗️❗️PART 2❗️❗️❗️
he enters hers….he really did terrible things that i dont even want to mention all.

I later verified he was truly a fraud and he was into some dubious things that are even haram for me to stay married to him after realizing,so I confronted him which he got scared,he knew i am not the type of woman who will support any wrong,irrespective of who did it,WRONG IS WRONG,and i always stood for the truth.
That made him scared of coming back to nigeria,he wasn’t sure what I’ll do for other people’s justice,he kept lying and giving me reasons for four months on why he couldn’t come back ,either he missed his flight or something urgent came up.

Fast forward; he admitted he was never coming back,because he heard i took him to EFCC to be arrested whenever he’s in Nigeria,so he will never come nor will he divorce me,if he leaves me like that,no man can remarry me,and that enough is a punishment,for betraying him and selling him out to the EFCC,i was perplexed at the moment I slumped,after regaining consciousness,i called him and simply asked about my money which he owes and he said i was owing him no money because i have no proof of anything that i gave him any money.
Fast forward; because he couldnt come back,i was left with his two cars( Mercedes S550 and peuget 407)

However,when i was packing my things from my matrimonial home to my parents ,i left with both cars,which he later sent his waliy (kabir anas) to get the cars from me,but I refused and said i must be paid my money.this all happened in december 2018.this frustrated Ibrahim

❗️❗️PART 3 ❗️❗️❗️
this frustrated Ibrahim.
I took him to court for a divorce which he and his waliy refused to show up,at three hearings,at the end,i returned his bride price and the court granted me an annulment on the 27th of december 2018.

I still haven’t heard from ibrahim or kenny
nor anyone related to him from december last year,till this week,sunday,23rd of June 2019.where kenny sent me a message of blackmail to my phone,telling me to check my whatsapp where i saw some of my sensual videos,at the glance of the videos,i knew their source and only source,Ibrahim definitely sent it to her,so i sent her a message denoting these two videos of mine in yellow dress and black jumpsuit are without a doubt,from ibrahim,which i sent to,when he was my husband,and as you know it,most of us young people of nowadays do that with our spouses,never did i saw divorce coming,never did i even remembered divorce exists,i felt it was a sign of love between couples and since he is your husband,why should you not trust him.
In addition; kenny stated that ibrahim sold her the mercedez benz before i took them,which was last year november from abuja to kaduna,and she urgently needs those cars,and if i decide to be stubborn,she will send my videos to blogs and post them online to defame me and make it seem this is what i send to rich married men,they tried to use a woman whose name I won’t mention to also blackmail me that i sent those nudes to her husband,and she should sent to blogs denoting a warning,i chose not to include her name because myself and her,inclusive with relative have begged her to take her hands of it,so therefore its between Ibrahim and kenny,who I’m to deal with…
its left for me to choose between my reputation and my money,which i was demanding to be paid before the exchange of cars.

The reason why i am coming up here is to tell the general public my whole story,before someone else tells it in a way i cannot defend nor like,and it was never my intention to bring my personal life to the social media,i try as much to prevent it,because i know how nasty the social media can be.
After the divorce, being betrayed being duped.

Screenshots of what happened;


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