Reported robbery by FSARS worrisome, Nigerians say on Twitter

Nigerians have condemned the activities of the Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad after it was reported that a businessman, Osaretin Erins and his friend, Raymond, were ambushed on Thursday night by its officers and the sum of N200,000 was collected from them.

Erins, who recounted the shocking experience on Instagram, said SARS operatives took him to an Automated Teller Machine point and forced him to withdraw N200,000 from his account.

He also posted debit alerts of several batches of N15,000 withdrawals running into the said amount.

A twitter user with the handle @topsy_adeusi, described the reported ambush as worrisome. He asked how it was possible people who were to protect people from crime and robbery be the ones robbing the people?

He then concluded, “This is why Nigerians don’t trust the police force for anything. You have a problem you can’t take it to the police because you’re scared they will extort you.”

“Corruption took time to consolidate itself in Nigeria. Dealing with it, wouldn’t only take time, but would demand a more sincere approach and effort. Selective prosecution would only be giving strength to its perpetrators in and outside government,” another twitter user, Emma Akpasubi, said.

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