Residents petition IG as AMCON stomp into an Estate in Lekki with thugs to destroy properties

LIB reported how the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria( AMCON) invaded Victory Park Estate at Lekki, Lagos, and ejected people from their houses and sealed the houses off.Read here

Mr Mumini Shitu whose house was confiscated during the operation by AMCON has stated that Lanre Olaoluwa,AMCON Receiver Manager, took over his house with wrong court order.

He accused AMCON Reciever Manager of being personal in his action towards him, adding that the house mentioned by the Federal High Court in Ikoyi wasn’t the one belonging to him but the one belonging to Awosedo family, because his own house has Governor’s consent.

Mr Shitu also accused the Manager of threatening his life during the operation .

Read his petition;

I am not the debtor (Awosedo could be) and I have a perfected title to my property (Governor’s consent). The receiver has made my issue personal and has disregarded all applicable law, he has expressed to me that he will make me suffer and made good on that threat by kicking me and family out into the street.

AMCON Reciever Lanre Olaoluwa uses thugs to invade Victory Park Estates to kick innocent families out of their property without court order. People with perfected title with Lagos State consent are under attack, the receiver manager is illegally using a Federal High Court Judgment against a debtor to evict innocent residents out of their hard earned property.

Today, he came with overwhelming force mostly area boys to kick me and my family out of our house in Victory Park estate. They broke my door down and evacuated some my property in the full glare of everyone in the estate, they came with a federal high court order against the Awosedo Family (not me) and are applying that to me.

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