Senator Abbo sues Facebook user for calling him ‘gay’, ‘idiot’, ‘bootlicker’ and ‘HIV Patient’

Senator Elisha Abbo has sued, Nurudeen Kama, a former aide to former Adamawa State Governor Jibrilla Bindow, over a defamatory post he made on Facebook about him .

In the Facebook post, Nurudeen listed why Senator Elisha shouldn’t be compared to Tafawa Balewa (Nigeria’s first Prime Minister).

He said Tafawa was not a drunk, bisexual, an idiot, a HIV patient deliberately infecting women and so should never be compared with Senator Elisha, whom he described as a sexy toy.

He wrote;

Tafawa Balewa is not bisexual.

Tafawa Balewa has no records of molesting women.

Tafawa Balewa has no HIV.

Balewa didn’t transmit HIV to any girl deliberately.

Tafawa Balewa is not a drunk.

Tafawa Balewa doesn’t take drugs.

Tafawa Balewa is not gay.

Tafawa Balewa is not a bootlicker.

Tafawa Balewa is never an idiot.

Therefore, comparing Tafawa Balewa with a sex toy Senator Cliff is an insult to the late prime minister .

Nuruderen appeared in court on Monday August 19 after he was arrested last week and was granted bail in the sum of N500,000 after he pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charges against him.

He is expected to produce two sureties – a blood relative and a traditional ruler in his community.

The Nation reported that he also signed an undertaking not to tamper with ongoing investigations into the matter.

A quick check on his Facebook page also revealed there are other scathing posts targeted at Senator Abbo.

His August 13 post read;

For the records, they cloned My Whatsapp to blackmail & put me on the defensive but i am not moved even for a minute.
Cliff and his bisexual Friends should work more on redeeming his battered image decently and not by mischievous blackmail.
For God sake, what parts of Cliff Abbo’s “attention” do i need? To learn how to become a bisexual or how to deliberately transmit HIV to any girl that shows a sign of resistance to my other demands?
If joining black magic for fame is what it means to be great?i rather buy an ovaprim and a broodstock from the next available Fish Farm and breed for a living.
For those who believed in their lies or blackmail, i will not only excuse them but forgive them because most times we are ignorant of the extent idiots can go in order to blackmail you.”

Some weeks ago a video of Senator Elisha assaulting a nursing mother at a s*x toy shop in Abuja went viral online . The assualt case is still pending.

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