Serge Aurier AND Son Heung-min could have been given red cards after Andre Gomes injury, says Mark Clattenburg

Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg believes that both Son Heung-min and Andre Gomes could have been shown red cards for their parts in causing Andre Gomes’ horrific injury on Sunday at Goodison Park.

The Everton midfielder was left with a dislocated fracture on his right ankle after a freak accident during his side’s clash with Tottenham.

Son made the initial challenge on the Portugal international, with Aurier trying to win the ball after the first contact, and the impact with both players, as well as Gomes’ studs being stuck in the turf, left him requiring surgery.

After initially being shown a yellow card, Son was sent off due to the extent of the injury to Gomes and Clattenburg reckons Aurier could have been dismissed as well.

‘I understand why [referee] Martin Atkinson sent off Son Heung-min for the challenge that led to Andre Gomes’ horror injury,’ Clattenburg wrote for the Daily Mail.

‘However, I am still not certain that Son’s actions alone were the cause of the leg break suffered by the Everton midfielder. The Premier League say Son’s tackle endangered the safety of an opponent, and they are right.

‘Both Atkinson and the VAR official, Anthony Taylor, would have been looking at the consequence of Son’s challenge.

‘That is where the game is at now and, if they determine the injury would not have happened without Son’s foul, then the player should be sent off for serious foul play.

‘It is important to remember, however, that “intent” has been removed from the Laws as referees could not determine this or otherwise without asking the player.Now, the focus is on the consequence.

‘But I think the injury was caused by a freak combination of Son’s challenge followed by Gomes’ foot planting in the turf and then the impact from Spurs defender Serge Aurier.

‘That being the case, should Aurier have been sent off too? It was a very difficult situation for Atkinson.’

Gomes will be undergoing surgery on Monday with Everton expected to provide an update on his situation when the operation has been completed.

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