South African Man shot by police in his p*nis finally gets Justice


The Port Elizabeth court has awarded R2m(N51m) to the South African man who was shot by the police on July 22,2013, in his p*nis, during the arrest of his brother accused of rape.

The victim’s attorney, Wilma Espag Van Der Bank said the victim was shot during the violent arrest of his brother accused of rape.

The victim who asked not to be mentioned to protect his privacy, narrated in court how the police officer who shot him pointed the gun on his chest and started pushing him with it, until the gun went off.

According to medical report, a Bullet hit his p*nis, exited through his scrotum before breaking his right leg.

The 32-years-old man who now walks using crutches also narrated how he tried to kill himself with his mother’s antidepressants.

A Port Elizabeth High Court had ruled in favour of the police and dismissed his damages claim in 2016, but it was subsequently revoked by the full bench of the Eastern Cape High Court in Makhanda, in November 2017.

The final settlement was reached at a Port Elizabeth court days ago

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