TASUED students clash with SARS, burn police vehicle(video)

There was drama at the Tai Solarin University of Education in Ijegbu-ode area of Ogun State when students prevented officials of Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS) from arresting some students suspected to be engaging in cyber fraud, otherwise known as Yahoo Yahoo .

The students were pursued by SARS from Ijegbu-ode to the Ijegun campus where they escaped with the help of their colleagues .

It was gathered that the students blocked the SARS officials’ vehicle to prevent them from arresting their colleagues, forcing the officials to shoot into the air several times to disperse the students

The fearless students reportedly set the Toyota Camry car used as SARS operational vehicle ablaze .

Reacting to the incident, the students’ Union President, Olamide Adeboun in a statement said

It is uncommon to see hundred of TASUEDites to stand by their colleagues to challenge injustice and undue threat on our studentship.

Yesterday, men of Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, pursued some sets of individuals believed to be students of our university from Ijebu-Ode to the university community.

This is wrong irrespective of the basis. The university will never harbour criminals and criminals will not attempt to seek solace in the university.

It is very wrong for any security agent to enter the university community uninvited by the university authority.

It becomes so wrong for them to attempt to initiate an arrest within the university without the approval of the university authority.

The University has trained and identified security men mainly for the maintenance of our internal security.

We use this opportunity to thank the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Abayomi Arigbabu for swiftly responding to the situation.

Yesterday, he reiterated our belief in him as a standout administrator and responsive leader. We continue to have confidence in his leadership at our university.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi confirmed the incident and said police would investigate the matter .

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