A horrific night as assassins allegedly beheads a man infront of his wife.

The deceased identified as Chima ,a business man ,was beheaded allegedly by assassins who invaded his home at Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State .

According to Punch Newspaper , Chima was shot first before his head was cut off by his assailants in the presence of his wife .

A witness told Punch that the horrific incident happened around 11;30pm on Wensday, May 22,2019. The witness said that the gunmen turned off the generator to lure him out of his house. According to Punch, immediately the deceased came out to check what happened to the generator he was attacked by the gunmen, who killed him and cut off his head.

The incident is shocking .last night ,Chima sat outside with his brothers and friends at a joint on the school road . Later around 11.00pm we heard that he was attacked in his house . We heard that the killers turned off his generator and when he went outside to find out what happened to the generator, he was attacked . Immediately he came out ,the boys shot him. He managed to run back into his house with the bullet but the boys followed him,killed him and cut off his head , the source said.

The wife of the deceased ,Bisi, narrating the incident amidst tears said ,

“My husband and his sister, Ogechi, were in the parlour when we heard the sound of a gun. I was startled. As I made my way to another room in fright, I saw the lifeless body of my husband. They barked at me that if I make any move to escape, I will be shot dead too.

“They asked me to bring the kitchen knife for them, which I did. They also asked me to bring a bowl, but I brought a bucket. They took time in my presence, severed the head from the body and forced me to carry the head and put it inside the bucket. They then carried away the head,”

The brother of the late Chima, Collins , narrating the incident said

I saw his body lying here without the head. We went out in search and later found the head at the gate of the community primary school in Rumuekini and brought his head back.

The Police Relation officer in Rivers State confirmed the horrific incident and said investigation is ongoing .

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