Things to do when you are raped or when someone close to you is raped

Rape is a type of sexual assault which involves sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent.

It doesn’t matter if the victim was raped by force or under duress, the crime is still rape .

In this time of numerous rape allegations flying on the internet, here are the things to do when you are raped or when someone close to you is raped. Whether we like it or not a Judge will need evidences to convict a suspected rapist .

Without evidences a Judge can’t really do much for a rape victim

Things to do when you are raped or when someone close to you is raped

  1. Go to hospital immediately to see a medical doctor for proper medical examination.
  2. Make sure you are examined physically and some laboratory tests carried out on you . They will serve as evidences against the rapist .
  3. If the rapist ejaculated inside you , make sure a swab of his semen inside you is taken and preserved for DNA analysis. You can also do that on your own by using a Cotton bud to swab inside your v*gina while lying down on your back, then send to the Lab for preservation. His semen inside you is a strong evidence that he had intimate contact with you .
  4. Report to police. Do not keep quiet when you are raped. Keeping quiet means you are encouraging the rapist to continue raping people .
  5. Remember to keep the cloth you wore on the day you were raped. It’s very important for forensic analysis. Fibres from clothes are exchanged when two people come in contact so the fibre from his cloth found on your cloth is an evidence that you had contact with him .
  6. Also take note of the cloth he wore on that day. it will aid investigations.
  7. During the rape scratch his body deeply , cut your finger nails afterwards and keep the cut nails for DNA analysis. His DNA found on your nails is also evidence that you had contact with him.
  8. If you have access to your phone take pictures or video of yourself and the location the rape occurred.
  9. Tell your loved ones about the rape . Do not keep quiet . They will serve as witnesses when your rapist is arraigned in court.

Conclusion: A Judge works with evidences and witnesses and never sentiments. He or she may not do much when there are no evidences or witnesses.

That a judge released a suspected rapist doesn’t mean the Judge thinks he is innocent, it means there were no much evidences to convict the suspected rapist .

Nothing like sentiments in the court. With strong evidences it will be so difficult for a Judge ,even the one who collected bribe, to deny a victim justice .


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