Tradegy: A Medical laboratory Science Student commits suicide after her boyfriend dumped her


The lady identified as christabel, a 300-level student of Medical Laboratory Science, University of Benin( UNIBEN), was found dead in her hostel room at Newton Street,Ekosodin Benin City, after allegedly drinking a deadly substance.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, she mixed a snipper with a sprite and left a suicide note, where she stated that she was about taking her life because her boyfriend whom she loved dearly broke up with her .

Another eyewitness said an empty sachet of Klin detergent was found on the spot where she died .

However, a post made by Uniben Metro on social media revealed that the suicide note, which is now in police custody, was addressed to two persons and the two persons mentioned in the note have been invited by the police for interrogation.

The post also revealed that the suicide has nothing to do with the problems the deceased had with her boyfriend rather the suicide was due to unsettled issues between the two persons mentioned in the suicide note .

The letter didn’t state what happened between the two mentioned persons, reason the police have invited them to unravel the reasons behind the deceased’s action,” the post stated.

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