TRAGEDY: 35 passengers sustained injuries as a flight from Canada to Sydney experiences severe turbulence

An Air Canada flight on its way to Sydney experienced serious turbulence injuring at least 35 passengers .

According to the airline, Air Canada flight 33 was forced to make a landing at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu after the flight left Vancouver.

The Airline said,

We just hit turbulence pretty quick. Lots of people hit the ceiling, lots of screaming,” passenger Michael Bailey said. The flight, which was carrying 269 passengers and 15 crew members, was about two hours past Hawaii when it hit “unforecasted and sudden turbulence.

A spokesman of the Federal Aviation Administration, Ian Gregor who reacted to the incident said the plane was flying at 36,000 feet and was approximately 600 miles southwest of Honolulu when the incident happened .

Our first priority is always the safety of our flights, passengers and crew and as a precaution, medical personnel are on standby to examine passengers in Honolulu,” the airline said in a statement.

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