TRENDING: “New Nigeria Passport now has Fulani herdsmen inscribed in it” – Pastor Suleiman raises alarm


Apostle Johnson Suleiman, the General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, has raised alarm that the new Nigerian passport has herdsmen inscribed in it.

Pastor Suleiman said this today July 11th 2019 ,while condemning the Ruga programme by the federal government of Nigeria.

He said it was shameful how a certain extraction of Nigerians could now represent the 6 geopolitical zones in the country, saying everything is now clear that there is a ‘fulanization’ agenda being aimed at Nigeria.

Read his full statement

That’s the new nigeria now has herdsmen inscribed in it…it’s shameful that a certain extraction now represents a nation with 6 geopolitical zones..everything is now very clear..

God will frustrate every evil agenda in nigeria.job 5v12,eccl 8v11.

I get irritated when people say our speaking against fulanization is political..have you heard me complain of economy?of the increase of Nigeria debts?that’s for politicians to tackle but security is for all of us..human life is sacrosanct.

I love fulanis..there are good ones with a great heart.very nice and loving fulani men/women..but this herders are doing so much damage to that extraction..

I responded to someone by saying rearing cattle isn’t the definition of agriculture..I still repeat it…agriculture is too elaborate for you to streamline it to cattle pls keep retweeting my earlier tweet if you like.

i will stand by it.

The question is: Is there an inscription of herdsmen on the new Nigerian passports?

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