Twitter user narrates her encounter with a female bus driver whose husband died and left her with 4 sons

Twitter user,@EfikIbi, has taken to Twitter to tell a story about a woman who was forced to become a commercial driver after her husband’s death.

@EfikIbi said the woman went into driving in other to take care of her four kids .

She further said that sometimes the woman get bullied by male drivers and areas boys.

EfikIbi wrote: “Guys! My bus driver is a woman!! These nonsense men are now refusing to load for her. One said ‘madam night don come. Go give your husband food.’ Update: I am now loader/conductor! This bus must full tonight.”

She added:”Bus was full!! I loaded complete! I should probably start looking at a different career path. And oh, her name is Madam Cele. Short for Celestine. We talked all the way from Airforce junction to Oilmill. Plot twist, her husband is dead! Left her with 4 boys. Bus was his own.”

She later gave an update, writing : “She took some money from his burial money and went to driving school, then picked up from where he had left off. She doesn’t have a phone so I gave her my number. Anytime I see her again, I’m paying for everybody’s seat. Thunder fire stereotypical misogynistic cowards!”

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