Two missiles hit Iranian oil tanker in ‘terrorist’ attack off the coast of Saudi Arabia

An Iranian oil tanker has been hit by two missiles off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

According to the National Iran Oil Company, a supertanker called Sabiti was struck by two missiles around 60 miles from the port of Jeddah on Friday morning, October 11. The explosions badly damaged two tanks on board the vessel, causing it to leak into the Red Sea.

A source told Iranian news agency ISNA” “Experts believe it was a terrorist attack.”

The Nour news agency, which is close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, said the crew was safe and had stopped the leak.

It comes months after a series of attacks on tankers belonging to Saudi Arabia and its allies which were blamed on Iran. In May four tankers – two belonging to Saudi Arabia, one to Norway and one to the UAE – were struck by explosions near the UAE in the Gulf of Oman.

Below are photos from previous attacks.

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