Uber driver assaults female passenger with a whip for questioning him (video)

The video of an Uber driver assaulting a lady passenger with a whip for questioning him during a trip to Ikeji area of Lagos has gone viral online.

Twitter user,@eziinneee , who shared the video said the Uber driver parked his car in a flooded area where she and her friend couldn’t alight from.

She said the driver, who later drove out from the flooded spot, flared up when her friend asked why he was “driving quite far when they already said they will walk”.

The driver reportedly parked in the middle of the road, dragged her friend out and started assaulting her with a whip and calling her mannerless and useless.

She said when the driver noticed her friend was recording the assault, he threw her phone on the floor, breaking the screen .

See screen shots;

See video of the assault.

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