Update: WhatsApp chats between Neymar and his alleged rape victim released.( screenshots).


An alleged whatsapp chats which includes erotic messages between the Brazilian professional footballer Neymar and his alleged rape victim, Najila Trindade Mendes, have been revealed by the Brazilian Tv Channel Globo.

Trindade Mendes who appeared on Brazilian Tv for the first time said she was the victim of ” rape and aggression ” by the footballer Neymar.

She admitted that the encounter was consensual at first but later became violent, leaving her with cuts and abrasions to her legs and buttocks, adding that the footballer refused to stop even when she begged him to stop .

This is coming after the Neymar took to his Instagram profile to share a video debunking the rape claims and revealing WhatsApp chats between him and Trindade, including her nudes . He insisted that what happened between them was consensual.

The following conversation took place before and after the pair met according to Marca. com

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